New boardwalk (simulation)
Photo: Architects Kassif - Maislits
Tel Aviv boardwalk to be expanded
Almost exact copy of Barcelonas Las Ramblas boardwalk set to be constructed in Gordon Pool area

Those taking a sideways glimpse from the Tel Aviv boardwalk, will be able to see more than just sun and sunbathers – the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean will be close enough to touch.


An almost exact copy of Barcelonas Las Ramblas boardwalk is set to be constructed in the Gordon pool area in Tel Aviv. It will go through the shoreline and straight into the sea. Walkers along this section of the boardwalk will be able to enjoy streets hows and stalls while have a close up view of the Mediterranean.


The enterprise is set to be officially unveiled this week by Itamar Shimoni, CEO of the Atarim company (jointly owned by the Tourism Ministry and the Tel Aviv Municipality), at the launch of Tel Aviv's newly refurbished marina. "The breakwater built way back when in the 1970s across from the Tel Aviv marina, will become a new boardwalk" says Shimoni. "I've already ordered a health and safety check to make sure that the quality is up to standards and that everything is in order so that we can prepare the area to continue Tel Aviv's boardwalk".


The Las Ramblas boardwalk in Barcelona is considered one of the most beautiful boardwalks in the world. All 1800 meters of it are constantly filled with tourists, restaurants and dynamic markets.


As part of the new project, a new boardwalk is being constructed on the northern side of the marina, where an abandoned building has been standing for the last 20 years. In its place, a one million shekel (around $280,000) 150 meter deck boardwalk will be constructed in order to allow visitors the opportunity to walk right up to the waterline.


Another innovation which is being implemented with the support of the Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai is the opening of the gates between the Gordon swimming pool and the marina, allowing pool visitors to have direct access to the marina.


Marina security is also set to be upgraded: Electronic gates will be installed in the area before each dock, only marina members and their guests will have access to the dock area.


The ongoing construction at the marina is meant to give it a facelift while bringing it up to international standards. Marina manager Ofer Dubnov noted that "the infrastructure would be updated, as is fitting for a modern and developed marina".



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