Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer
Photo: Assaf Shilo, Israel Sun

1st Israel-US business council launched

Washington presents new council joining 6 other US partnerships world wide. American enterprises grow interested in Israeli market, also due to new book

WASHINGTON - The US Chamber of Commerce, the biggest enterprise in the world, launched the first American-Israeli business council last week, just like six previous business councils established with China and some of the largest markets around the world.


The US Chamber of Commerce initiated the move under the assumption that Israeli start-ups and technology appeal to the American business world.


Executive Director at American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and a member of the US Chamber of Commerce, Tamar Guy, told Ynet that this is an important move, which will emphasize the business aspects and not just the political aspects of Israel.


Guy added that it is also eminent for American electives to be aware of the vastly growing business between the US and Israel. She mentioned that this council will bring to the surface the American interest in doing business with the country of Israel.


Americans put a huge emphasis on the inauguration event celebrating the initiative, held last Tuesday in the presence of the American Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and his Israeli counterpart, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer. US Ambassador to Israel James Cunningham and Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren were also present.


This is considered a huge opportunity for Israel, seeing as how the joint council will conduct seminars across the US for businesses who wish to trade with Israel. The new council will also be working towards simplifying proceedings and removing legislative barriers and regulations between the two countries.


The growing interest of businessmen not familiar with Israel to learn more about it is due in part to a new book by Dan Senor called 'Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle'.


Leading businessmen from Israel visited Wall Street on Wednesday. Chemi Peres, chairman of the American-Israeli business council, led the annual Chamber of Commerce convention.


Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Ben-Eliezer said that business between the two countries has been blooming. He added that from 1985 to 2009, US-Israeli trade has increased by 500%, from 4.7 billion dollars to 28.3 billion dollars.


Ben-Eliezer mentioned that around $78 million worth of business between the countries happens everyday. He also said that Israel was committed to exploring new and creative ways to promote commerce with the US.



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