Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu...Safer than ever
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Prime Minister gets a new car...or three

Bibi's million dollar baby

Netanyahu's new car comes with anti-grenade defense system, hefty price tag of $1 million

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's the prime minister's new luxury car - while the Prime Minister's Office is on the lookout for a new plane for Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister will be receiving a gift with a price tag that leaves it nothing to be ashamed of – his new official car.


The armored limousine version of the Audi A8 is manufactured mainly for presidents and prime ministers and is considered the most expensive car in Israel. The price tag: One million dollars. The first one is making its way to Israel, where it will soon be joined by two more – all three will be joining the ranks of the prime minister's convoy, at a total cost of roughly $3 million.


As reported by Yedioth Ahronoth Thursday, the Audi A8 that has been designated to serve Netanyahu includes a unique security package crafted in cooperation with the Shin Bet's bodyguard unit. The unit even blew up one car during experiments it held in Israel in order to test the car's endurance to various threats, including small arms and roadside bombs.


Sunroof, DVD, and humidor

So what does the astronomic price include? First of all, a state of the art defense system. The car's exact defense capabilities are being kept under wraps, but among other things they include bullet proof tires and a bullet and grenade proof armored cabin. The vehicle may also be equipped with an automated fire extinguishing system.


The immense defense increases the weight of the vehicle, bringing its total weight to nearly three tons. In order to ensure adequate performance levels in spite of its weight, ithe car is equipped with the largest engine the model offers: W12 version with a 12-cylinder, 6-liter engine, an output of some 450 horsepower and four-wheel drive.


But the security system with its outstanding capabilities is not all the car has to offer. Netanyahu's official vehicle is fitted out with every luxury you could possibly dream of: Automatic seats, sunroof, leather interior, wide screen DVD screen, refrigerator, and even a humidor.


While the starting price for the regular model comes close to $500,000, the armored model is far more expensive and Audi states that the starting price for this model is 685,000 dollars before taxes.


Most expensive car in Israel

The changes that were carried out by Audi according to the request of the Shin Bet made the car even more expensive. And so, in spite of the tax free status given to the additional security components, the car's price is expected to reach the one million dollar mark. This makes this car the most expensive in Israel – slightly more expensive than the Mercedes SLS sports model.


Along with heads of state, the limousine version of the Audi A8 is also purchased by wealthy businesspeople. In Israel, billionaire Sammy Ofer is among the lucky few who have purchased the luxury model.


Notably, the three cars will be used to chauffer foreign dignitaries and VIPs as well as the prime minister. Though it is highly likely that the PM's convoy will include more than one of the cars at a time, making it harder for potential assassins to know the exact car the prime minister is in at any given time.


At the moment the PM's convoy includes armored Toyota land cruisers and Chevrolet suburbans. The Audi is set to replace them.


Audi importer in Israel Champion Motors refused to comment on the issue.




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