'Left Tel Aviv.' Sudanese in Bnei Brak
Photo: Amir Levy

Bnei Brak may 'expose' landlords who rent out flats to Africans

City officials say landlords subdivide flats, cram refugees in them with 'total disregard for general population'

Following the halachic ruling issued by rabbis in Bnei Brak's Pardes Katz neighborhood according to which residents are forbidden to rent out apartments to African migrants, the municipality announced Wednesday its inspectors would work in the coming days against landlords who illegally subdivide apartments and rent them out to "many Sudanese who have arrived recently."


Speaking to Ynet, Mayor Rabbi Yaakov Asher explained, "Police do not deal with them on grounds that they have refugee status, and this is the only way we found to tackle the phenomenon.


"We may reveal the names of landlords who rent out apartments to refugees, but not before they receive prior notice," he said.


The City of Bnei Brak has the authority to file charges against people who subdivide apartments. A city official said the phenomenon is expanding "as many Sudanese who lived near the central bus station in Tel Aviv have left because of the police station located nearby."


According to city officials, some landlords cram as many as 10 Sudanese refugees into the apartments and charge $100-200 from each of them.


One official said the City is considering the possibility of revealing the landlords' names "so the public will learn the identity of those whose personal monetary interests outweigh the harm caused to the general population."



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