Sold weapons for NIS 230,000 (archives)
Photo: Courtesy of Israel Police
Attorney Ben-Natan. 'Weak case'

4 charged with selling stolen IDF weapons to criminals

Indictment filed against three defendants who received 10 M-16 rifles, machine gun and grenade launcher from soldier who smuggled items from army base. Fourth defendant coordinated NIS 230,000 weapons transaction with criminals

Four men from Netanya, Kfar Yona and Jisr az-Jarqa have been charged with trading weapons which were stolen from an army base two months ago. The four received the weapons from a soldier who stole 10 M-16 rifles, a machine gun and a grenade launcher.


The indictment, which was filed with the Petah Tikva District Court, suggests that one of the defendants, Abed Gharban, 19, asked a soldier to take out weapons from an army base which he would later sell. On the night of September 13, Gharban and two other defendants, Moshe Arbiv, 18, and Amir Yaakov, 28, traveled to a meeting spot near the base.


Two soldiers awaited them there and smuggled the weapons through a hole in the fence. The defendants eventually sold seven rifles, the machine gun and the grenade launcher for NIS 230,000 (roughly $63,500).


The fourth defendant, Muhammad Galouli, 28, took NIS 50,000 (roughly $14,000) for himslef leaving the rest to be split among the other three. The indictment suggests that Gharban gave the other two NIS 53,000 (roughly $14,600) each and kept the rest of the money for himself. He later sold more weapons for NIS 10,000 ($2,761.36).


Gharban coordinated the theft of more weapons from the base later on. The soldier who provided him with the items demanded his share of the proceeds and a conflict developed between the two during which Gharban fired towards the soldier's legs.


Motion for remand

The four defendants are being charged with weapons trade, weapons transfer and conspiracy to commit a crime. Gharban and Arbiv are also charged with firing in a residential area.


Gharban cooperated with the police and incriminated the other three defendants.

The Central District Prosecutor's Office has motioned to remand the four until all legal proceedings against them are completed, stating they pose a risk to society.


Attorney Nes Ben Natan, who represents Muhammad Galouli, said that the defendants deny all charges and noted that the prosecution built its case on a problematic witness.



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