Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Reliant on talks progress?
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IDF officers: Talks failure may cause Fatah collapse

IDF sources reportedly say Fatah government's survival depends on peace talks' progress

WASHINGTON - Delays in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations not only cloud Israel's relations with the US, but may also undermine Palestinian leaders in the West Bank.


According to foreign reports, IDF military and intelligence officers warn that if no peace agreement is soon reached, the Fatah government may collapse, leaving the regime in the hands of Hamas – supported by Iran and Syria.


In an interview published in the Washington Post, a senior Israeli officer warned that those handling negotiations have a narrow window of opportunity before the period of calm comes to an end. The quiet will not remain forever, he warned, saying that if Israeli politicians fail to achieve anything through negotiations, there will be an escalation within six to nine months.


Despite improved coordination between Israeli and Palestinian security forces that is contributing to the calm, the situation is liable to ignite. The officer said he doubted that Palestinian forces would be able to continue the coordination if the talks fail, which is why the IDF is preparing for a third Intifada.


The newspaper also quoted another officer from Israeli intelligence, who agreed the Palestinian security infrastructure could rapidly disappear.


The weekly magazine Time also claimed the success of joint Israeli-Palestinian security efforts was dependent on progress in negotiations. During a briefing with foreign reporters, an Israeli officer said Israel requires real progress in the peace process in order to retain the legitimacy of Palestinian security forces.



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