Smuggling tunnel (archives)
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Gaza presents: High tech cow smuggling

A report by BBC's Arabic network broadcasted ahead of Eid al-Adha documents sophisticated animal smuggling apparatus using electric elevators from Egypt into Gaza Strip

Smuggling tunnels between the Gaza Strip and Egypt have been working overtime lately; however, this time the product in demand was not weapons, but rather cows.


The Eid al-Adha holiday concluded on Friday and with it the ongoing effort to supply sheep, cows and camels for the traditional holiday slaughter.



In Gaza, however, people feared that the cattle transferred into the Strip from Israel does not comply with Islamic law, and might have been injected with hormones that may harm those who eat it.


This concern, coupled with the increasing demand led to "creative solution" in the field of tunnel smuggling between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.


Earlier this week, British network BBC's Arabic channel broadcasted a report on animal smuggling into the Gaza Strip ahead of the holiday.


According to the report, special electric elevators were installed in the tunnels connecting between the Egyptian and the Palestinian sides of Rafah. "We are smuggling cattle that is in the appropriate age and weight according to Islamic law," one of the smugglers told BBC.


The illegal import of animals into the Strip is only a small part of the smuggling apparatus, which includes a range of products from food and medicine to electric appliances and cars.



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