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A: Sorry I didn't come forth earlier
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Lie detector incriminates police cmdr charged with sex crimes

Uri Bar-Lev interrogated for several hours, denies allegations by M, who says he drugged, raped her

Ynet learned Thursday that the results of a lie-detector test taken by Police Commander Uri Bar-Lev have incriminated him, as some of his answers were found to be false, and that detectives may summon him to an additional interrogation.


Bar-Lev, who is suspected of sexual offenses, was interrogated for several hours Wednesday evening. He told police during the lie-detector test that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with one of the complainants in the case against him, but that he had not drugged or raped her.


Immediately after the interrogation Bar-Lev, who is currently a candidate in the race for police commissioner, headed to the private residence of his attorney, Irit Baumhorn. The results of the lie-detector test are to be published Thursday.


Bar-Lev admitted during questioning that he had sex with M, one of the complainants in the case, but that he had not drugged her or engaged in a threesome with S, his girlfriend.


The commander, who currently serves as the police attaché in Washington, told police he had summoned M to a threesome with S, but that she had never been drugged or raped. "She knew why she was invited to the hotel room in Herzliya," he said. S said she had watched some of the sexual act and that it had been consensual.


During the interrogation, police came to the conclusion that M's testimony is problematic because it would be difficult to prove she had been drugged before having sex.


Bar-Lev was also asked about an Eilat convention at which he is suspected of having sexually assaulted another woman, A, two years ago. The interrogation, which began at 4 pm, ended around 11, at which time Bar-Lev emerged expressing hopefulness.


A told women supporting her Wednesday that she was sorry she had not come forward with he r complaints against Bar-Lev sooner. She said, however, that she would attempt to enlighten the public through a court battle.



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