Got a slap in the face. Ahmadinejad
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Against freedom of press. Jafari
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Wanted US guarantees. Qatar's emir
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'Revolutionary Guards chief slapped Ahmadinejad'

WikiLeaks memo describes row between Iranian president, General Mohammad Ali Jafari resulting in violent gesture. Another document reveals that Qatar allowed US to use its airbase to launch airstrike against Iranian nuclear facilities

Who's the boss? Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received a slap in the face from Revolutionary Guards Commander, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, during a national security council meeting in Tehran, an Azerbaijani source told American diplomats.



According to a document published by WikiLeaks, Jafari began arguing with Ahmadinjead over his "support for freedom of the press."  Jafari, who was infuriated by Ahmadinejad's stance, confronted the president and slapped him in the face, the report claimed.


Another document published by WikiLeaks further highlights the Arab world's desire to halt Iran's nuclear program – According to the document, Qatar allowed the United Stated to use Al Adid airbase in order to launch an attack against Iranian nuclear facilities.


Qatar requested security Guarantees in return, as well as an American assurance that the emirate will keep its sovereignty over natural gas fields located near the border with Iran.


The document also stated that Qatar hosted senior American officers stationed in the Persian Gulf, and allowed the United States military to use its airbase to launch airstrikes in Iraq and Afghanistan, without asking for anything in return.


The release of the sensitive information stirred a storm around the world, and is expected to cause embarrassment within Qatari circles.


During a press conference in Tehran on Monday, President Ahmadinejad commented on the WikiLeaks publications, calling them "worthless."


"We are friendly with our neighboring countries and this will not have any effect on our relations," he added.


According to Ahmadinejad, the documents were not leaked, but systematically and intentionally published by the American administration. "It's part of their intelligence games and psychological warfare," he asserted, adding that he finds reading these documents "a waste of time."



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