Incitement. Eli Yishai
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Predicted future? Carmel wildfire
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Haredi press: Yishai critics like anti-Semites

Ultra-orthodox newspapers slam criticism against interior minister following poor government preparedness for Carmel wildfire; write 'Judaism-haters in Israel looking for guilty haredi, just like anti-Semites worldwide always looked for guilty Jew'

"The anti-Semites worldwide always looked for the guilty Jew for every trouble they experienced, and the Judaism-haters in the State of Israel are looking for the guilty haredi," an editorial published by haredi newspaper Yated Ne'eman claimed on Sunday, following the criticism pointed at Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) over the poor state of Israel's Fire and Rescue Services.


The Bnei-Brak based haredi daily wrote "the writing was on the wall," noting that claims by which the budget for haredim came at the expense of budgets for fire and rescue services stemmed from haredi-hatred.


"The ones to blame are the Treasury officials," the editorial noted, adding that "a national commission of inquiry will be formed to probe the events and those responsible, and the conclusions will not surprise anyone."


Meanwhile, haredi newspaper Hamevaser compared the criticizing press and public to "prosecutors, for whom the end justified the means – especially when a haredi personality such as Rabbi Eliyahu Yishai serves as the interior minister."


The newspaper suggested that critics act as firefighters, "who save lives regardless of religion, race, and ethnicity," and asked them to reflect the unity of the people of Israel during this national crisis.


In an interview with Behadrei Haredim website, Minister Yishai called the criticism against him incitement.


"Sources who are always looking to blame the haredi public are now accusing me?" Yishai wondered, calling the haredi sector to unite against the false statements and make the truth known.


According to Yishai, he repeatedly warned the prime minister and the Finance Ministry about the dire state of the fire and rescue services.


"Those reading may think the Holy Spirit sparkled in me; as if I prophesied future events…but it is clear that it was not a prophecy, but based on data I knew so well," Yishai said.



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