Nasrallah, still in hiding, says he’s not scared
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Nasrallah: We’re not scared of Israel

Hezbollah leader dismisses IDF official’s warnings, says group stronger than before

Last week, a senior IDF officer told Yedioth Ahronoth that Hezbollah faces the gravest crisis in its history. The army official warned: “Should a new war break out, the Second Lebanon War will appear like a picnic…we’ll respond with tenfold power.”


On Thursday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah responded to Israel’s threats, dismissing them and asserting his group was not scared of the Jewish state.


In a pre-taped speech from his hideout, Nasrallah argued that “the psychological warfare utilized against us by generals in the enemy’s military went bankrupt a while ago…today we are better, stronger, and no longer afraid of Israel.”


‘We’ll never recognize Israel’

The Hezbollah secretary-general made a great effort to convey a sense that he has no fear in respect to another round of fighting with Israel.


“The warnings uttered by the senior officer in the enemy’s military, whereby Lebanon would sustain hard blows should it attack Israel, have no effect on Hezbollah,” he said. “They don’t scare it and won’t prompt us to change our objectives. “


“The enemy should know that at this time Hezbollah is more skilled and better equipped than it was in the past,” he said. Turning his attention to Muslims and Palestinians, he added: “Don’t give up even an inch of your land, from Sea to River. We shall never recognize Israel or the Zionist entity.”


However, Nasrallah refrained from threatening Israel with war or a Hezbollah-initiated military clash.



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