Immigrant Absorption Minister Sofa Landver
Photo: Guy Assayag
More immigrants among entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs Association director-general says more than 20 years of aliyah saw absorption of 9,000 scientists, including 4,500 in industry and high-tech

"The number of entrepreneurs among immigrants is three times that of entrepreneurs in veteran Israeli society," Immigrant Absorption Minister Sofa Landver revealed during the Innovation 2010 convention which was held last Thursday in Tel Aviv.


Director-General of Association of Entrepreneurs in Israel Irena Valdberg added that "during more than 20 years of aliyah from the former Russian Satellite States, 9,000 scientists were absorbed, including 4,500 in industry and high-tech."


The emphasis at this year's convention was on the activities of immigrant entrepreneurs in the fields of technology, scientific development and their affect on high-tech development in Israel. Some 30 senior researchers, university chiefs, technology center managers and investors from throughout Russia took part in the convention.


The technologies presented at the convention focused among other things, on alternative energy sources, production of the next generation of electric engine batteries and more.


'Russia seeking new financial models'

"51% of total Israeli exports are technological exports" said Valdberg. "That is a very impressive figure that stands out in relation to other developed countries. Israeli high-tech constitutes half of Israel's industrial exports, and more than 20% of the employees in the sector are immigrants from former Soviet states.


"There are 111 thousand engineers that made Aliyah from former Soviet Satellite states, two thirds of them are employed as scientists or in other technical positions. This data obliges us as a service provider, and sees to the welfare of the immigrants so that they may continue to develop programs and knowledge, that is why this convention was born."


Vitaly Vishnepolsky, CEO of Israeli-Canadian Martal, a company which promotes Israeli entrepreneurs abroad said: "We know how to create economic value from technologies and that is exactly what the Russians need today.


"We come into the picture at the advanced development stage and help young entrepreneurs turn the technology into a commercial idea with real marketable value, find business partners and investors. Russia is seeking new financial models."



First published: 12.21.10, 09:54
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