'State of emergency.' Katz
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'Not refugees.' Halevi
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'Stop epidemic.' Zeev
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MK Katz: Shoot infiltration facilitators

National Union Knesset member says infiltration phenomenon can be stopped in one day without killing single refugee; calls to declare state of emergency, put Bedouins in pounds

Knesset Member Yaacov Katz (National Union) on Tuesday said that if he was appointed defense minister, no infiltrator would be killed.


"We must arrest all Bedouins, put them in pounds and shoot a bullet to the head of those who head the convoys. Three or four Bedouins will be shot down, and the convoys will stop. Put all the Bedouins in a pound and the smuggling will stop as well," asserted Katz.


The MK spoke at a Knesset conference on forming a lobby against infiltration to Israel.


"This phenomenon can be stopped in one day, without killing a single infiltrator. I blame the prime minister, who has yet to instruct the defense minister to stop the demographic terror.


"According to findings, a million and a half infiltrators are on their way to Israel. The Jewish residents of Tel Aviv are turning into refugees. We in Judea and Samaria are not prepared to absorb all of Tel Aviv's refugees," the National Union MK added.


MK Katz noted that "had the prime minister realized the catastrophe, he would have declared a state of emergency and appointed a defense minister that can solve the problem."


He also dismissed all of the solutions implemented so far, and detailed his own plan of action: "Declare a state of emergency, so that the Supreme Court and the leftist battalions cannot get in the way," he said.


'Pushed by Bedouins'

The conference was attended by MKs, local government officials and residents of Tel-Aviv's southern neighborhoods, where the struggle against infiltrators has been gaining steam.


Eilat Mayor Meir Yitzhak Halevi noted that more than 6,000 refugees were being "pushed into Israel by Bedouins from Sinai," and called bleeding hearts to "come to their senses.


"These are not refugees from Darfur. These are illegal infiltrators. Having the border wide open in a sovereign state is fundamentally wrong," he lamented.


Halevi noted that Egypt has between a million and a million and a half work infiltrators, who consider Israel a goal to conquer. "No one is promising me that this is not a terrorist scheme," he said.


Kadima MK Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich noted that "we have the tendency to be holier than the pope, but we keep forgetting that this is a very small country, and the only one for the Jewish people.


"Even if it seems like xenophobia and that we aren't humane by deporting foreigners – its time to put things on the table. I suggest that they write us and say 'we support the infiltrators, and we've allocated a room for them in our yard'," she said while referring to the infiltrators' supporters.


MK Nissim Zeev (Shas) said that the Muslims are threatening to concur the world. "That is the Islamic policy, and we must stop this epidemic with all force.


"I wish it was under the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry. Then we would have already taken care of it," he added.


MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) said the conference was organized in large part because of the neighborhood residents.


"The goal of this lobby is to expose one of the facets of the illegal infiltration phenomenon. They speak of the rights of the infiltrators while scrapping the rights of the residents of this country. That’s why this lobby aims to protect the victims of the illegal infiltration," he concluded.



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