Anti-fence protest
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Did Palestinians lie about protestor's death?

Medical information handed over to Israel following death of 'Palestinian demonstrator' raises fundamental questions, IDF says; army says woman said to have been killed by tear gas may have not even attended protest

Did Palestinians lie about death of Jawaher Abu-Rahma? Two days after reports that an anti-fence protestor died after inhaling tear gas fired by IDF troops, the army says medical information handed over to Israel raises fundamental question marks about the story.


According to IDF officials, Abu-Rahma may have not even participated in the protest in question.


Sources familiar with the material said that unlike similar incidents in the past, the report about Abu-Rahma's injuries arrived late and contained puzzling details.


According to the medical report, there was no clear cause of death, the burial was undertaken via an accelerated procedure, and no post-mortem was performed.


The information also reveals that Abu-Rahma was administered an unusual quantity of drugs, used to offer treatment against poisoning, drug overdose, or leukemia. Moreover, her family's report that she was "hurt by Israeli gas" was not corroborated by any other source.


'Death not caused by gas'  

The IDF also discovered that the deceased was recently treated at a Palestinian hospital, a fact that was not mentioned in the medical reports.


"We are in the midst of the probe of the incident, as is reflected by the Palestinian documents, and what we have here is a long series of contradictions and very grave question marks regarding her cause of death," a military source said. "In the past, accurate findings were handed over via an orderly procedure…this didn't happen this time, raising a large question mark on whether she even attended the protest."


"The probe shall continue, yet the way things look now, her death was not caused by gas inhalation, but rather, by wholly different reasons," the IDF official said.


'I saw her there'

However, far Left activist Yonatan Pollack, who attended the rally in question, dismissed the army's claims.


"I saw that Jahawer took an active role in the protest," he told Ynet, while presenting his update on the incident in his Twitter account.


"I saw how they put her in the ambulance that took her to the hospital. I know with certainty that she arrived there and stayed there, and later died at the hospital," he said.


Despite the problematic findings presented by the army, Pollack insisted that "the IDF's version isn't based on any facts…the only thing the army's claims are based on is the error of a doctor who got one digit wrong when he wrote down the time."



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