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Protestors call Barak 'child murderer'

Defense minister speaks in Tel Aviv University conference on Iran, repeatedly interrupted by protestors waving pictures of Palestinian victims

Defense Minister Ehud Barak spoke before an audience Tuesday as a guest speaker in an Iran seminar held in the Tel Aviv University. Barak discussed the Islamic Republic's nuclear program and the Middle East's political-security state but was repeatedly interrupted by protestors who waved pictures of Palestinian victims. The protestors shouted "You murder children in Gaza" and called Barak "a phony liar."


The audience was mainly comprised of senior officials in the security establishment as well as Israeli and foreign academics. The protestors were quickly removed from the hall by Barak's and the university's security guards. The minister later said he did not see fit to respond to the claims.


During the conference Barak said Iran was "fooling the world while striving to achieve military nuclear capability."


"Anyone who thinks that time was on our side in the past 30 years is wrong and it is therefore crucial for Israel to embrace a bold strategy with the United States and the Western world opposite Syria and the Arab world. Iran threatens the entire world order."


Crucial US aid

The defense minister warned that in the absence of an alliance with Washington, Israel's political standing may reach a state where others make fateful decisions regarding its future for it.


"Instead of growing international isolation we can reach a better state where Israel is the one who reaches understandings with the US and sets the agenda, instead of it setting it for us."


Barak added that "both the favorable public opinion in the US and the Congress's support are not guaranteed."


He stressed that Israel depends upon US aid which "allows us to maintain Israel's competitive edge opposite its neighbors" and noted that US funds are needed to create a multi-layered interception layout to provide the home front with missile protection in the next war. The minister also mentioned the US veto power in the UN.



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