'Gave bus green light.'
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'Despicable use of grief'
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Shas: Ahuva Tomer to blame for bus disaster

After partner of perished Haifa Police chief demands Yishai be removed from Carmel fire memorial ceremony, MK Zeev says 'whoever allowed bus carrying Prison Service cadets to travel in restricted area is responsible.' Israel Police: They have no idea what they're talking about

In response to Danny Rosen's outburst against Shas Chairman Eli Yishai during Wednesday's memorial ceremony in honor of those killed in the Carmel wildfire, members of the religious party said Rosen's partner, who perished in the blaze, was responsible for the death of Prison Service cadets whose bus was burned.


Rosen's partner was Haifa Police chief Ahuva Tomer, who was critically injured when she drove behind the bus that was caught in the flames and later died from the wounds.


During the ceremony, Rosen interrupted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech and demanded that Yishai be removed. The Shas chairman was forced to leave the ceremony.


Speaking to Ynet Thursday, Shas MK Nissim Zeev did not mention Ahuva Tomer's name, but said "we must make a distinction between the failures of the fire services and the terrible tragedy of the 44 victims, which pains us all. If we look at this specific incident, we should blame whoever allowed the bus travel within the range of the fire, despite the instruction not to - and that was not Eli Yishai."


Another party member said, "We honor the memory of Ahuva Tomer, but if her partner makes such despicable use of grief, then it is important to mention that it was the Haifa Police chief who gave the green light for the entry of the cadets' bus into the firetrap by accompanying it, in direct violation of the security forces' instructions."


MK Zeev continued to say that the disaster was the result of 'human error and a decree from the heavens which we cannot understand. Blaming Yishai is an injustice."


Dudi Schvemenfeld, one of the leading broadcasters of the ultra-Orthodox radio station Kol Berama, which is affiliated with Shas, also blamed Tomer for the disaster.


However, Shas spokesman Roi Lachmanovitch stressed that the comments made by Zeev and other party members do not reflect the party's position.


Police officials said the accusations were false and that Tomer did not authorize the bus to enter the danger zone.


"Shas is making cynical and political use of the victims' memory. Those who define themselves as 'the minister's associates' do not know the facts or anything about how the incidents, which are still being investigated, developed," one police official said.


Ahiya Raved contributed to the report  



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