Livnat. 'Violent and vulgar content'
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Communications minister. Asked for explanation
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Livnat slams Big Brother 'scorn for women'

Culture minister furious over reality show which broadcast participants' conversation contemptuous of women. Women's Lobby: It's no joke

A conversation on the reality show "Big Brother" between Amir Goldberg, Sivan Avrahami, Yigal Alenkri and Frida Hecht, broadcast Wednesday on Channel 2, angered many viewers.


During the conversation about the Spanish participant, which began between Amir and Yigal, Amir is heard saying, "Throw a bucket of water on her, then take her to the shower, and there, you know, go for it. And don't forget to bang her head against the wall."

'Until she loses consciousness' (Photo: Channel 2)


Later, Goldberg adds: "Like, I've got this friend, he waits until the last half hour in a club to see which girl is the most drunk, then gets it on with her."


When the conversation breaks up, Frida comes into the 'Big Brother' room and says, "I'm furious. That pig Amir sits there with Yigal and suggests he shampoos her head then bangs it against the wall till she loses consciousness then gives it to her. In the same breath he tells us about a friend who waits for the most drunk girl. If such violent people have a stage, I can't stay quiet."


The incident, broadcast on prime time, enraged many viewers who contacted Channel 2's public complaints officer and demanded the incident be investigated. Ynet has learned that the communications minister, commissioner for the Second Authority for Television and Radio, asked the Authority to investigate. However, the law says he is not allowed to interfere in program content, so he is unable to do anything in this case.


Livnat: Limits needed

Culture Minister Limor Livnat told Ynet, "Even someone who thinks reality shows should be on prime time should still have limits so that violent and vulgar content contemptuous of women will not become a top-rating TV party."


'Whoever is the most drunk…'


"However, in Israel today, outside the 'Big Brother' house, there is rich, varied, high quality culture on offer, which I am happy to say draws increasing interest and is becoming popular," she added.


Women's Lobby: Wretched person

"This is a wretched human being, and if Keshet broadcasting had some self-respect they would get rid of him the moment those miserable words came out of his mouth," said Nurit Tzur, director-general of the Women's Lobby. "I call on the police to check the club and see what horrendous things go on there.


"Men who look for the most drunk woman and endanger her – as the owner of a club that lets this happen, it's criminal. They need to say what club it is, so that we can avoid it and not cooperate with such things. We'll investigate the case and see what we can do, and whether it can be dealt with in a framework. We expect a response from Keshet, because a response from the company is certainly called for… The hosts said it was a joke. It's not a joke. Moshe Katsav is a joke? How many jokes like this can be told at the expense of women who are hurt by this? It's not a joke. It's very sad."


The Second Authority responded: "The Authority is investigating the broadcast and is waiting for clarifications from the concession holder."


Keshet said, "The conversations held in 'Big Brother' hold up a mirror to social phenomena in Israeli society, both the pretty side and the ugly side.


"In the framework of this public debate, the participants and the hosts condemned what was said, and the audience at the house will be given the chance to respond via the means available to them. Frida's remarks, which expressed her strong reservations, were clear, as were the reservations of the hosts. It must be said that Amir apologized many times and repented."



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