Knesset Member Faina Kirshenbaum
Photo: Coutesy of Yisrael Beiteinu
Letter to MK: 'Good Russian - dead'
Yisrael Beiteinu's Kirshenbaum gets hate mail after proposal to set up parliamentary inquiry commission into funding of leftist human right groups. MK: Worried about trend

Knesset Member Faina Kirshenbaum from Yisrael Beiteinu claimed on Monday she has received threatening letters following her proposal to establish a parliamentary inquiry commission into the funding of leftist organizations in Israel.


One letter read "A good Russian is a dead Russian." The handwritten letter was sent to the MK last Wednesday, the same day the Knesset approved her motion.


"Dear Madam," it said, "An inquiry commission should be established to look into how so many drunks arrived to Israel from Russia, as well as so many whores, thieves and hooligans. This should be examined. As they say, a good Russian is a dead Russian."


MK Kirshenbaum responded by saying that the letter crosses the red line for legitimate public discussion. "As long as people are angry over political moves, controversial viewpoints, I understand," she told Ynet, "But it is not legitimate to stain the reputation of nearly a million people living in the State of Israel. Furthermore, I'm not even Russian. I'm Jewish and I came here from the Ukraine."


Kirshenbaum said she is not afraid but rather "worried about this trend."


Yisrael Beiteinu funded by KGB?

Kirshenbaum's office said that ever since the Knesset debate regarding the controversial motion, at least a hundred letters have arrived.


Copywriter Avi Tal-Shira wrote to Kirshenbaum last Friday, saying he loves the aliyah from the former USSR "but sadly a minority, including you and your friends, brought something resembling the Stalinist methods I thought have passed from this world, except for North Korea." He added that it is very easy to diffuse rumors: "Is Yisrael Beiteinu funded by the KGB? Of course not, it doesn't exist anymore."


'"I would like to know why you and your party are in war with democracy?" said another letter. "Why have you yet to announce your resignation? I'm ashamed that the Israeli legislative body, the heart of democracy, despises every democratic value. I'm appalled that a party based on incitement and racist slander allows itself to go wild and break new records of insolence."


In a letter written by Amos Laor, a student from Jerusalem, it said: "I'm fearful of the fact that you are a public official who receives funding from our taxes. This is the real issue which should be inquired. Those leading the de-legitimization campaign against Israel is your party, the foreign minister and government in cooperation with the coalition, which is bribed every time with money and job offers."


Another letter, signed by "Your non-friend, Hadar", said that the writer would love to be called in for questioning because she supports left-wing human rights organizations. "Although I've never contributed money to these organizations, I suppose my support of them is a sign of infidelity – something which is very important to your party."





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