'Made every possible mistake.' Benaim
Escaped law authorities in India

Israeli drug dealer arrested in Peru

(Video) Thirty-six-year-old Yaniv Benaim wanted in India for involvement in Goa drug network linked to local police officers, politicians. Reports claim Benaim also wanted on 16 counts of fraud, violence in Israel

VIDEO - Alleged Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim, dubbed Atala, was arrested by Peruvian police after a manhunt that lasted nearly five months, the Times of India reported on Monday.


Benaim, 36, is accused of being a member of a drug trafficking network in India, but managed to escape the country after being released on bail.


According to the report, he fled to Israel and then continued to Peru, where he was arrested after intense cooperation between the Goa police and Interpol.


The video that led to Benaim's arrest
Benaim's extradition procedure to India is slated to begin in the upcoming future.


The report also claimed that Benaim also has 16 counts pending against him in Israel, including offences related to drugs, violence, property and fraud.


Benaim allegedly played a key role in a large drug network in Goa, which has also been linked to several local political figures.


He was arrested in March 2010 after his ex-girlfriend posted videos of him on the internet without his knowledge, in which he is shown smoking drugs and bragging about his connections with local police officers and politicians.


Benaim was released on bail until his upcoming trail and stayed in a Goa hotel, but managed to flee the country on August 7.


The Indian police launched an investigation into the circumstances of his escape and transferred the details of the case to Interpol.


Indian publication Calcutta News reported that Benaim was linked to the interior minister of the state of Goa. At least seven police officers were also arrested on suspicion that they maintained contact with Benaim.


"Benaim is connected to the Israeli mafia there. He is actually a nice person, but he made all the mistakes possible. Atala wasn't careful, and stepped on many toes without giving due respect. He insulted people, stole from other clients and betrayed friends who covered for him," another Israeli with links to the drug network in Goa told Ynet.


"I got to know him pretty fast," he added, "Israelis are like sheep, they exist in a herd and I lived there and met all the Israelis in the area.


"He had a shop on the main road, like a coffee house, where he sold all these drugs in public. Everything was listed on the menu –acid, ecstasy, cocaine, hashish – everything. It was all written on the menu because he paid off all the cops."



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