Livni. 'Israel turning into leper'
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Netanyahu. 'Nothing of substance'
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Lieberman. 'Appalling comments'
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Livni: Netanyahu government aggressive, xenophobic

In Bar-Ilan University, opposition chairwoman says 'Israeli society being divided into small societies at encouragement of politicians'; addresses Lieberman remakrs against Left

A day after Kadima decided to oppose any future votes on an Yisrael Beiteinu bill proposing the establishment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry investigating leftist organizations' funding sources, party chairwoman Tzipi Livni explains her position in a Bar-Ilan University conference Tuesday.


Livni said Israel is being reduced to a leper in the eyes of the world. "Israeli society is being divided into small societies. Societies encouraged by politicians. Israel today is under an international blockade."

The opposition chairwoman said she believes in fighting for the State of Israel's physical existence "against those who still refuse to accept it" and stressed that she strongly rejects any comparison between IDG soldiers and terrorists.


According to Livni, the State of Israel today is an "aggressive country that cannot tolerate foreigners, a government that tries to silence opposition, a government that talks loud but at the end of the day hurts the State of Israel, our values and the IDF's ability to act."


The former foreign minister described Avigdor Lieberman's conduct as "appalling" but also criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for allowing this. "He chose his coalition and is all the while concerned with maintain it." She also criticized Netanyahu for not reprimanding Lieberman after his controversial UN speech.


"We have heard nothing of substance, or any personal position on these matters," Livni said.


The opposition chairwoman also addressed the political deadlock opposite the Palestinians. "Those who support the two-state solution also understand that it is a necessity for Israel and not a favor any of us gives others. We must decide now, to avoid a situation we have no control over, to make some sort of a decision for our own sakes."



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