Murder victim Sarit Zikri-Benit

Rabbi: Sins led to woman's murder

Rabbi raises ire at funeral after saying woman murdered because of sins against God

A Jerusalem rabbi raised the ire of funeral goers Wednesday after charging that the deceased was murdered because of the many sinners who live in her neighborhood.


Sarit Zikri-Benit from Jerusalem's Gilo neighborhood was murdered by her partner and hidden in the balcony for five days. The local rabbi who conducted the funeral service used the occasion to preach the need to become newly religious.


"People of Gilo, we need to ask ourselves why it happen in our neighborhood of all places. Just like the entire people of Israel needs to ask – why do we have troubles in Israel? Why is there drought and no rain?" the rabbi said. "all of us aren't behaving well, we have many people who are committing crimes and sinning against God… Of course, not everyone is like that, but the solution is to become newly religious."


Many of those in attendance were infuriated by the rabbi's remarks.


"In our view this was out of line," one of the attendants, Galit, told Ynet. "It wasn't coordinated with anyone and it did not honor the event or the woman."


Zikri-Benit's body was found around 5 am Tuesday with severe indications of violence on it. Police investigators believe she was chocked to death several days ago and have detained her partner on suspicion of murder.



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