Soldiers at scene of attack in 2009
Photo: AP

Man indicted for trying to kill terrorist who stabbed his wife

Kiryat Arba resident accused of repeatedly running over injured terrorist for stabbing his wife in the throat at gas station attack

An indictment has been filed with the Jerusalem District Court Sunday against a Kiryat Arba resident charged with attempted murder of a Palestinian terrorist who stabbed his wife at a gas station in November 2009. According to the indictment, the defendant, David Mizrahi, 56, tried to run over the Palestinian who was laid upon the ground after being shot by the IDF.


The indictment, filed by attorney Zohar Giat, states that the Palestinian, Waseem Maswadi arrived at the gas station near the entrance to Kiryat Arba carrying a knife and an axe with the intention of carrying out a terrorist attack. He then went into the gas station store and stabbed Tamar Mizrahi in the throat with his knife before going on to stab Moshe Salfati in the back of his head.


The gas station security guard fired at Maswadi – who continued running for 20 meters before falling to the ground. At this point, three soldiers who had been nearby, arrived at the scene after hearing the gun fire.


Maswadi got up and hurled himself at the soldiers with his knife screaming "Allahu Akbar". In response, the soldiers shot him in legs, and he fell on the spot.


The incident soon drew in curious bystanders, including Mizrahi. According to the indictment, Mizrahi arrived at the scene with the intent to kill the terrorist. At first, Mizrahi attacked one of the victims after mistaking him for the terrorist. When he realized his mistake and noticed Maswadi lying on the middle of the road, he began to drive in his direction in order to run him over.


The prosecution stated that Mizrahi is accused of confirming the identity of the terrorist with the soldiers before committing the crime and then pushing aside the soldiers as he began driving over the terrorist repeatedly – to make sure he was dead.


People at the scene tried to stop the defendant, who was finally stopped when large numbers of military and police forces arrived to clear the scene and evacuate the victims. Maswadi was indicted for carrying out a terrorist attack.



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