Scene of terror attack, Moscow
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'Security Breaches.' Medvedev
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Medvedev after bombing: Learn from Israel
Russian president orders reform in country's security apparatus following deadly suicide attack at Moscow airport; says Israel should be taken as example. 'They have many security checkpoints, meticulous inspections that will drive you insane'

Russians want to learn from Ben-Gurion Airport: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday instructed the country's Transportation Ministry and police to reform security procedures at airports.


The instruction came a day after a suicide bomber detonated himself inside the arrivals hall at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, killing 35 people and injuring another 180.


"What happened Monday shows that obviously there were security breaches. And it should be answered for by those who make decisions there and by the management of the airport," said Medvedev, suggesting that Israel's security procedures be used as an example.


"They have many security posts and meticulous inspections. The security officers are likely to drive you insane," he said.


Medvedev demanded robust checks of passengers and baggage at all major transportation hubs. "This will make it longer for passengers, but it's the only way," he said.


'Higher terror threat than Israel'

Russian news agencies reported Wednesday that the president fired a top official of the country's transport police following the attack.


The reports also said the chief of the transport police division at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport and two officers were fired by Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev.


"If security arrangements at Domodedovo Airport were sufficient as those in the United States or Israel, the attack could have been prevented," noted a spokesperson on behalf of the Russian State Committee for the fight against terrorism.


The interim report, published Tuesday by a committee appointed to investigate the circumstances of the blast, claimed that a 35-year-old male perpetrated the attack.


According to the report, the man blew himself up in the passengers' arrival hall, causing the death of 35 people, out of which 5 were non-Russian citizens.


In an interview published by Novye Izvestia newspaper on Wednesday, former head of the Russian Interpol Vladimir Ovchinsky claimed, "The level of terror threat in Russia is higher than that in Israel.


"Our war is more intensive than the one between Israelis and the Palestinians," he noted, adding in a pessimistic tone, "The war in the Caucasus may last a hundred years."


AFP and The Associated Press contributed to this report



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