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Shalit. No word on talks
Photo: Noam Rotem
Noam Shalit with wife Aviva
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Shalits concerned over Egypt uprising

'Chaos in Egypt could harm ending of this saga,' says father of kidnapped soldier, adding he is following events with great concern after intelligence chief involved in negotiations leaves post to become vice-president

The Shalit family is watching closely the uprising in Egypt, concerned that it will further postpone the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit from Hamas captivity, Noam Shalit, his father, said Monday.


"The chaos in Egypt could harm the ending of this saga," Shalit said.


Omar Suleiman, who was named vice-president by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, is one of the main agents involved in negotiations for the soldier.


"We are following the events in Egypt with great concern, as we do all other events in the Middle East," he said.


Earlier, al-Ahram reported that Mubarak had named General Murad Mowafi, the former governor of north Sinai, to Suleiman's post. No one has contacted the Shalits about the negotiations, and it is still unclear whether Mubarak's new government will be around long.


The only information the Shalits have received is that a Hamas delegation that was headed to Cairo for talks on the matter had delayed its departure.


"The events in Egypt prove that Israeli hesitation and indecision have a price. Throughout the years we have seen that delays and hesitation cause events not under our control to push Gilad's release further and further away," said Shimshon Libman, the head of the Shalit campaign.


The Shalit family continues to reside in their protest tent in Jerusalem and on Fridays take part in various protests and rallies organized in honor of their son.



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