Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah
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Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
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Egypt protests
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Nasrallah: Egypt win to change region

Hezbollah leader: Egyptians fighting battle of Arab dignity, Israel is Mubarak's last supporter

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah attacked the "hypocritical" US over its treatment of the crisis in Egypt and said Israel was the last country still supporting the Mubarak regime. He praised the Egyptian people for their struggle and said that their victory would "entirely change the face of our region for the interest of its own people, especially in Palestine."


"The US came to bring down this regime, which was a faithful friend in ensuring US interests. If we listen to the Americans from both parties – democrats and republicans – does it make sense that the US would try to bring down this president (Mubarak) as we saw in the 1979 revolution in Iran?


"The Americans are riding the wave, trying to contain the uprising while attempting to improve their loathsome image in our world and present themselves as protectors of nations and their freedoms after decades where they got into bed with the worst dictators in the region," the Hezbollah leader charged. 


Nasrallah added: "The US government carried out surveys in our region in order to see what people think, what they want and what they don't want. The answers were clear. The overwhelming majority is hostile towards the US policy and rejects it for its absolute slant towards Israel. "


'Fighting for Arab dignity'

The Hezbollah secretary general, who in an unprecedented move had called on the Egyptian army to rebel against Mubarak during Operation Cast Lead, expressed his full support for the Egypt protests and used the opportunity to criticize Israel.


"Look at what all the Israelis say about the Mubarak regime. The speak with great sadness of the loss of Israel's last ally in the region as they lost the Shah in Iran in 1979 and they lost Turkey after the aggression in Lebanon and Gaza. There is unanimous support for keeping Mubarak's regime and harsh criticism in Israel of the US hesitance on the issue."


Nasrallah also sent words of encouragement to the Egyptian people: "You are fighting the battle of Arab dignity, the dignity of the Arab human being who was humiliated by some of its leaders in the past decades."



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