'Egypt changing.' Anti-Mubarak rally
Photo: Reuters

Official: Israel keeping low profile on Egypt uprising

Israeli official estimates regime change in Egypt will be gradual; says violence problematic but 'not directed at us'

"Israel is keeping a low profile with regards to the uprising in Egypt. The last thing we wanted was to be linked to this whole affair, and despite attempts to do so by the Egyptian media and Al Jazeera, we weren't," an Israeli official told reporters on Wednesday.


"As opposed to other countries, Israel has kept its mouth shut. The violence in Egypt is problematic, but it's not directed at us. We've evacuated our envoys and their families as a precautionary measure," he said. Some of the stores that have been looted in Cairo were located in close proximity to the homes of Israeli emissaries.


'Peace not at risk.' Rally in Cairo (Photo: AFP)


"We understand Egypt is changing. There are two possible scenarios: A gradual, safe and stable regime change or a radical change – perhaps towards Islam," said the official, "It doesn’t appear as though the change will be drastic and radical, because that would mean an intolerable, chaotic situation."


According to the official, the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt is likely to remain intact because "it's in Egypt's interest."


Addressing the US Administration's approach to the crisis, the official said the White House has "softened" its stance towards Mubarak's government. "The Egyptian media outlets were angry with the US, but the American's are not Egypt's enemy right now; its enemies are Iran and Turkey," he said.


"The developments in Egypt and the US' conduct have surprised and shocked Arab leaders, who are thinking of their own survival now, because Egypt is a very dominant country in the Arab world," the official said.



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