Rabbi Mordechai (Motti) Elon - to be indicted?
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Rabbi Motti Elon to be indicted for sexual offences

Jerusalem Prosecutor's Office tells Rabbi Motti Elon that it is set to file indictment against him subject to hearing over alleged sexual offenses he carried out against two minors. Attorney general supports decision

The Jerusalem Prosecutor's Office informed Rabbi Mordechai (Motti) Elon that it plans to file an indictment against him pending a hearing, over alleged sexual offenses he carried out against two minors in 2003 and 2005. The decision was made with the approval of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein based on the opinion of State Prosecutor Moshe Lador.


Last month, the Prosecutor's Office recommended indicting Rabbi Elon for sexual offenses against at least one minor. The Prosecutor's Office noted its stance in a draft opinion it passed on to Attorney General Weinstein following its examination of the police's stance on the issue.


Weinstein has been holding meetings with the lawyers handling the case – Sagi Ofir and Nurit Litman, together with senior officials in the Prosecutor's Office over the past few weeks.


The suspicions against Rabbi Elon surfaced a year ago on the Takana forum, a Zionist religious organization that handles cases of sexual harassment by people in positions of power and authority.


Following the publication of the allegations, the attorney general called for an investigation into the matter. In August police said it had gathered enough evidence to suggest the rabbi committed the acts.


During the investigation, a special police unit headed by Commander Ephraim Bracha managed to locate a number of young male complainants who, according to suspicions, were sexually assaulted by Elon.

One of the complainants agreed to give a detailed and incriminating testimony that describes the indecent acts forcefully perpetrated by Rabbi Elon while the witness was still a minor.


As part of the investigation, Rabbi Elon was summoned for an interrogation under caution on suspicion of committing indecent acts against the aforementioned minor. The rabbi was called in for the second time after another minor came forward and complained about similar acts perpetrated by Elon.


After the probe was completed, the investigators stated that "there is evidential basis against Rabbi Elon for the forceful perpetration of indecent acts on minors."


Rabbi Elon addressed the allegations for the first time last October and said that he had decided not to read what the papers were saying and chose to continue his self-imposed silence towards those that "insulted" him. According to Elon, the Torah he studies strengthens him and helps him swallow his pride.


Following the rabbi's sweeping denial and his claim that they were blood libels, forum members will also discuss whether to make details of the case public along with various documents.



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