Beersheba morning after Grad attack
Photo: Herzl Yosef

Beersheba resident: Where's the Arrow?

Woman whose home was hit in Wednesday's Grad attack says, 'Israel would have reacted if rocket would hit Tel Aviv'

"If one Grad can cause so much damage, what will happen during a more serious missile attack on Israel?" said Yehudit Sofer, whose home was hit during Wednesday night's rocket attack on Beersheba.


"What kind of government is this? How long will the south have to exist under the threat of (attacks from Gaza)?" she asked Thursday morning, still shaken from last night's attack, during which 10 people suffered from shock.


"Following the successful Arrow test in the US I heard that Israel is protected from all types of missile threats, and today I ask the prime minister (Benjamin Netanyahu): Where is this Arrow (missile-interception system)? Where is the defense? Now I understand how Sderot's residents feel," Sofer continued to say.


Car damaged in Grad attack (Photo: Herzl Yosef)


"If a rocket would have landed on Tel Aviv they would have done something, but the south is neglected," she added.


The home of the Amar family also sustained damage in the Grad attack. "It's just property; thank God no one was hurt," Sima Amar said. "I told the children, who are coming for Shabbat, that we are all going to recite the Gomel blessing."


Beersheba Mayor Ruvik Danilovich said that in case of another attack residents should remain in secure rooms or areas for at least 10 minutes, adding that it was the "State's responsibility to provide security."



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