Rudy Giuliani. Will he run for president?
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Giuliani: Iran must not become nuclear power

Celebrated New York mayor tells Haifa Chamber of Commerce military option not off table

The former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, who once ran to become the head of the Republican Party, was the guest of honor at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry's 90th anniversary celebrations, held on Tuesday night in Haifa's Congress Center.


Giuliani, a likely candidate in the next Unites States presidential elections, clarified during a press conference held prior to the celebration events that he has not yet decided whether to run for president in 2012.


However Giuliani did state his opinion on Iran's nuclear program saying: "We’re not going to allow Iran to be a nuclear power. We will take whatever steps we believe are necessary to stop them. I don't think that we should take the military option off the table."


'Got to be a sense of confidence'

Giuliani also said he believes the US government did not predict the Egyptian coup. "I think that Mubarak being gone adds a degree of instability for all of us. Not just for Israel but for the United States as well. After all, Mubarak was good and bad. He obviously oppressed his own people and did a lot of things that created problems internally, and didn’t move to reform fast enough, which is really a shame. On the other hand, when we needed him for critical things or when Israel needed him for critical things he was a friend, he was an ally," he said.


Giuliani speaks at Haifa convention


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Referring to the frozen peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, Giuliani expressed his understanding regarding Israel's behavior: "I think the policy of the Israeli government is very much focused on the security and survival of the State of Israel. The Palestinian Authority has been a source in the past of a tremendous amount of terrorism. Before you can really move forward with a peace that's a real peace, there's got to be a sense of confidence that the Palestinian Authority has removed terrorism as an option."


Giuliani was invited to the conference because of the extraordinary example he set as a leader a decade ago, following the September 11 attacks. He ended the press conference by thanking Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav and mentioned he has really become fond of the city.



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