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Disobedient settler gets jail time; rightists plan 'day of rage'

Rightists to hold demonstrations, block roads Thursday to protest firing of plastic bullets at settlers during outpost evacuation; meanwhile, soldier who said he won't return to army until his razed home is rebuilt sent to jail

IDF soldier Shimon Weisman was dismissed from the Kfir Brigade and sentenced to 30 days in prison on Wednesday, after he declared he will not continue his military service until his Havat Gilad house is rebuilt.


He made his announcement after returning to the illegal outpost on Monday, to find his home among the several structures demolished by the Civil Administration. The events triggered a violent reaction from settlers, who clashed with the police.


The sentence further strained relations between the IDF and the settlers, following violent clashes that saw forces fire plastic bullets during the razing of a West bank outpost. Rightists are now planning a series of protests across the nation to express their anger over the violence.

Weisman: IDF razed my home. (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)


Weisman returned to his base on Wednesday and was tried for disobeying orders. Kfir Brigade Commander Col. Oren Abman expelled him from the combat training program. After he completes his jail sentence, the IDF will consider the continuation of his military service.


Sources close to Weisman claimed the punishment is "a vengeful measure taken by an army that crushes the trust of the settlers."


Police boost deployment

Weisman's statement, which intended to protest the razing of the West Bank settlement, drew criticism from the IDF.


"The IDF does not choose its missions and expects its soldiers not to mix political issues with their service," the army said in a statement.


Defense Minister Ehud Barak weighed in as well, saying that the "situation must be dealt with in order to prevent anarchy."


"The government must uphold its authority over its citizens. We cannot allow citizens take the law into their own hands," he added.


Meanwhile, right-wing activists are planning a "day of rage" Thursday across Judea and Samaria and elsewhere to protest the use of violence and plastic bullets in evacuating the Havat Gilad outpost.


The protest will apparently include the blocking of roads, both in the West Bank and within the Green line; the demonstrations are expected to peak Thursday afternoon and evening.


While the settlers maintain secrecy regarding their planned actions, the police boosted its intelligence operations and reinforced its deployment ahead of the planned protests.


Yoav Zitun contributed to the story



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