Gaddafi. Asked rebels for help?
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Report: Gaddafi offered resignation for security
Al-Sharq al-Awsat reports Libyan leader wants rebels to drop demands to try him in international court, guarantee his security as well as that of his family and funds in exchange for his departure from country

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi will resign and leave the country on condition that he and his family receive guarantees they will not be harmed, the London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat reported Monday. No official confirmation has been given.


The report cites "reliable" Libyan sources in Benghazi as saying that Gaddafi vowed to announce his resignation and the transfer of authority to rebels in Benghazi before his parliament if his security, his family's security, and his funds are preserved.  

Rebels mobilizing in Benghazi (Photo: Tsur Shezaf)


Gaddafi also wants rebels to help him leave the country for the destination of his choice, and to relinquish their demand to try him in international courts for crimes against humanity, the report says.


The sources added that preparations for Gaddafi's departure had already begun, among them the spreading of a rumor that he had had a stroke.


"There has so far been no official response to Gaddafi's proposal, negative or positive," the paper was told. However, the sources hinted that rebels would not consider any negotiations with the Libyan leader.


Meanwhile, Gaddafi told France 24 in an interview that Paris and al-Qaeda were becoming involved in his country's internal affairs.


He added that "armed extremists" were plotting against his regime. "Al-Qaeda has a plan," he said. "I think it is trying to take advantage of the situation in Tunisia and Egypt, in which hundreds of people were killed on the sides of the police and the rebels."


Gaddafi also included himself in the "fight against terror" conducted by the West. "The ones holding weapons in Benghazi are al-Qaeda men without political or financial demands. If the terrorists achieve victory, they will not support democracy," he said.



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