Geffen (R) and Wilson. 'There was a lot of jealousy'
Blackfield launches world tour
Despite unfavorable reviews, Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson celebrate first decade as musical duo with their third album and international concert tour, which will begin in Tel Aviv
Ten years have passed since Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson received unfavorable reviews when they sang "Cloudy Now" together. The future did look cloudy at the time, and yet the Blackfield band managed to launch its career.


The Geffen-Wilson combination survived the crowded music market in Europe, with two albums that sold more than 100,000 copies. Four years after their second album, the duo returns with a new album and an international concert tour, which will be launched in Tel Aviv on April 1.


This time Wilson and Geffen will spend a long time on the road – all across Europe, the United States and Canada – till mid June. They will also take part in international festivals in July and August.


"It's no joke," Geffen says in a conversation from London. "In fact, it's the longest tour I'll ever do in my life, with concert halls of 1,000 to 2,000 people. This means a lot of promotion work in Europe and London, but it's nice because things are going well. I love performing in Israel, but here the experience is completely different."


How do you manage with the family?


"Dylan and Shani (Geffen's son and wife) are always with me. We have a pretty spacious room on the bus, which is quite huge and includes a kitchen with two lounges, a TV room and a meeting room.


"Dylan loves it. He already has his own timetable. He also changes the songs according to his dictionary. It's really great fun traveling in Europe and the US. It also means constantly meeting an audience familiar with our material."


The music industry didn't give Blackfield much of a chance.


"It's true that we weren't received nicely at first. There was a lot of jealousy around. We were attacked, and it's wasn't very pleasant. But the facts speak for themselves: There is continuity and good reviews in England. When you sell concert tickets on a daily basis, it says it all. That's the basic thing."


Geffen's new single "Bubot" (dolls), together with Idan Raichel, has been embraced by most radio stations. Their joint album is far from being completed.


"Idan and I are taking the connection easy," Geffen explains. "There is no pressure to release an album fast and make more money. We simply release one song at a time. I think people understand that this isn't about a tour for financial purposes and appreciate it."


So will we see the two of you in a joint concert?


"We don't know yet. We'll have to coordinate something between our flights."



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