A. from President's Residence
Photo: Noam Moskowitz
Katsav after sentencing
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'Katsav should pay for the rest of his life'

Mother of A. from President's Residence welcomes Katsav sentence. A. from Tourism Ministry says satisfied with trial outcome

A. from the Tourism Ministry breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday when the Tel Aviv District Court sentenced her former employer Moshe Katsav to seven years in prison. "Though this isn't a happy day for me, I do get some satisfaction from the sentence which fits the severe acts outlined in the verdict," A. said.


"Personally, I never sought vengeance and the severity of the sentence did not mean that much to me. The most important thing for me was the verdict, the fact that the court, unanimously, believed me and did me justice, even if it was stalled. I shall be happy to return to my daily life, family and anonymity. "


A.'s father told Ynet that what Katsav deserves he "shall get from God. He abused his power and status and the innocence of girls to do bad deeds. He has descended to the lowest level, the bottom of the pit. "

Katsav leaving court (Photo: AP)


A.'s father said he was against the idea of her working for Katsav from the beginning. "I don't know why but I didn't like him even as a Knesset member. My daughter has suffered greatly. Since this affair she has been finding it hard to make a living and just scrapes by."


He addd: "He should not have been allowed to reach the position of president." A.'s father also referred to the plea bargain Katsav was offered and rejected. "There is no justification for what he did. May his name be damned."

'God will punish him.' Katsav in court (Photo: Ido Erez)


A.'s lawyer Daniel Sror also welcomed the sentence. "Judge Karra gave the appropriate punishment befitting Katsav's severe acts."


The mother of A. from the President's Residence also commented on the sentence. "This is a happy day for us, it's a miracle," she said.


She nevertheless added she had hoped for a harsher sentence. "After everything he did to my daughter he should pay for the rest of his life, but no doubt we are happy he was punished and will serve time in prison."


Tomer Velmer contributed to this report



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