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Israel urges Russia to reconsider Syrian arms deal

Israeli Ambassador to Russia tells Interfax news agency pending sail of cruise missiles to Damascus raises concerns weapons will end up in terrorists' hands

As the unrest in Syria grows, so does the concern that arms deals pursued by the unstable Damascus regime may result in weapons ending up in terror groups' hands.


In an interview with Russian news agency Interfax, Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Dorit Golender called on the Kremlin to revisit its intent to finalize a recent arms deal with Syria, which will see the latter get anti-ship cruise missiles.


The deal, which will see Russia supply Syria with two units of P-800 Yakhont missiles, was signed in 2007.


"The situation is Syria is unstable, and can get worse at any time. We hope Russia will take this seriously," said Golender. "We believe the risks and possible negative repercussions should be reconsidered.


"Israel is concerned that weapons delivered to Syria may eventually end up in the hands of terror groups and terrorists, who will use them to carry out attacks on Israel."


The matter of weapons deals with Syria has been discussed between Israel and Russia, she added, "And Israel's concerns have been noted. Anything to do with such plans is highly sensitive, so both parties give it their upmost attention," she concluded.






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