Celebrating unity in Gaza
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Ramallah residents wary of unity deal

Palestinian capital's residents say they want peace, unity, but express skepticism about Fatah- Hamas agreement's chances of success

The atmosphere in Ramallah following the announcement of the unity agreement between Fatah and Hamas was not particularly festive on Thursday morning, as residents expressed skepticism at the pact's chances of success.


"It's all nonsense, this agreement won't be successful," said Jamil Jobra, a Ramallah resident. "It will hold for maybe a month or two, not more. There is a very large gap between the sides.


"Take the release of prisoners for example," he added. "Fatah will release some of them, but not all of them, and then you will see the cracks appearing."


As per the agreement, the Palestinian security forces are supposed to release the political prisoners held within the Palestinian Authority.

Annoucing historic agreement. (Photo: Reuters)


'Hamas way is way of terrorism'

Other residents expressed wariness at the possibility that Hamas will win the upcoming elections, which will determine who will be in charge of a future Palestinian state.


"Fatah is stronger than Hamas on the West Bank, and there's no chance that Hamas can win here," said Halil, who once served on the PA's security forces. "What happens in Gaza – that's another story."


He added that he does not trust what the politicians say when they are on camera. "They say on camera that everything is fine, but it gives the impression that all the leaders care about is what couch they sit on," he explained. "What the people care about is the food that they put in their mouths, and the mouths of their children."


"Hamas has only one way, and it's the way of terrorism, not the way of peace," another resident added.


Another Ramallan had a more optimistic outlook. "With good will on both sides, in Hamas and in Israel, there might be peace between them," he said. "It is all a matter of real intentions."


Others yet welcomed the reconciliation initiative. "The agreement is excellent because we want unity," said Majdi Amaria. "The bitter experience we had affected the Palestinian people."


"The Palestinian people is as one," another Ramallan declared proudly. "I believe that it will succeed, and with God's help, we will all have peace and stability. We want calm."



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