Neturei Karta activist setting flag on fire
Photo: Yossi Furmanski, Behadrei Hadarim

Neturei Karta protest Holocaust Day

Anti-Zionist haredi activists clash with passersby on Jerusalem's Shabbat Square during two-minute siren honoring Shoah victims, set flag of Israel on fire

Several members of the anti-Zionist haredi Neturei Karta faction clashed with passersby at Jerusalem's Shabbat Square on Monday, Holocaust Remembrance Day.


The activists drew a swastika on a flag of Israel and set it on fire during the two-minute siren honoring the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis during World War II.


The protestors marched on the main intersection of the ultra-Orthodox Geula neighborhood, waving anti-Zionism signs comparing Zionism to the Holocaust and chanting, "The Zionists are not Jews."

'Zionism is Jewish people's Holocaust' (Photo: Yossi Furmanski, Behadrei Hadarim)


They were surrounded by dozens of photojournalists and passersby, many of them yeshiva students who were still on their Passover vacation.


A verbal clash erupted between the Neturei Karta members and some of the passersby – secular and religious – some of whom tried to snatch the flags of Israel from the protestors. At a certain stage, the protestors and passerby began cursing and shoving each other.


The same events are expected to repeat themselves next week, during Fallen Soldiers Remembrance Day and the State of Israel's 63rd Independence Day.



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