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Mitzna: I'll restore glory to Labor

Former Labor chief announces he will run for seat again, vows to win party 'mandates in double digits'

Former Labor Party Chairman Amram Mitzna has officially announced on Wednesday that he will run for the seat once again.


Mitzna told Ynet that he is certain that he will win and promised to restore the party to its former glory. "We will treat the Labor Party like a patient in intensive care," he said.


Mitzna is expected to compete for the party chairmanship in September against MK Isaac Herzog, MK Shelly Yachimovich, Amir Peretz, Shlomo Buhbut and Jerusalem businessman Arel Margalit.


"I've never left Labor, and never threatened to leave it," Mitzna said. "I have absolute trust in the party. With thousands of new recruits, it will be possible to restore it to the position of influence."


The former Labor chairman, whose previous term left many disappointed, promised that this time will be different. "Five years in Yerocham have changed my world view, and gave me a deep understanding of the Israeli society," he said. "I come with renewed strength, with experience and learned lessons. For my part, I am mobilizing to save Israeli society."


Mitzna noted that he wants to head Labor in collaboration with its other leaders. "I believe in a leadership that works as a team," he said. "The only way to win back the public's trust is to put together a team of capable people. When I am elected in the beginning of September, I intend to lead the Labor Party to a real revolution."


'Might join Netanyahu gov't'

Mitzna criticized the former party leader, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, saying that "we were never friends. I thought that he could lead the Labor Party, and I was very disappointed."


He concluded that despite the numerous contenders, he does not face any real competition. "The experience I have in the fields of defense, society, education and politics, as well as my standing in the Israeli public, make me the only candidate that can bring Labor a number of mandates in the double digits," he said.


If elected, Mitzna does not rule out forming a government with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


"I can say for certain that I won't sit in a government like the current one… but if he accepts Labor's principles, maybe I will," he said.



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