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World Jews mark Independence Day

State of Israel's 63rd anniversary celebrated in many other countries, including Argentina, Britain and Russia. What's on the menu? Hummus, falafel, Israeli films and folk dances

Independence Day celebrations spread worldwide: Many Jews and Israelis across the world are celebrating Israel's 63rd anniversary as far as thousands of kilometers away.


World Zionist Organization representative Enrique Grinberg told Ynet that as many as 10,000 Jews were expected to celebrate Israel's Independence Day at a stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Many of them were to get there by foot as part of a march in support of the Jewish state.


"There will be many concerts, films will be screened, schools will participate, there will be Israeli folk dances and songs in Hebrew, the ambassador will talk, as well as the federation president and a youth representative," said Grinberg without concealing his excitement.


He said one of the highlights of the day would be a recorded message from the Israeli prime minister or president, with Spanish subtitles.


For the first time, Argentina's Jews will hold a beacon-lighting ceremony this year. "We wanted to bring something new, and the celebrations in fact began as early as last weekend in some places. This is a main event, a uniting event," said Grinberg.


Israel's anniversary is also being celebrated in the United Kingdom, with the main event taking place in London in the presence of Britain's chief rabbi.


"We are running from one event to another – Leeds, Manchester and of course London," said Rafi Nasi, head of the Jewish Agency's delegation in Britain.


The event is being marked in Jewish schools as well, where children will put on festive clothes. "Parents arrive at the schools too for ceremonies and a barbeque," Nasi said. "The menu will include falafel and hummus."


He added that the brave members of the Jewish community waved flags of Israel up high. "London is being colored in blue and white in the right places, but you won't see flags on our cars. We're not allowed to do it, and the security officer may have a fit, but there are houses in the Jewish community that just don't care," he concluded with a smile.


Celebrations in Moscow, Budapest

Benny Lidsky, a Jewish Agency representative in Moscow, told Ynet that many events celebrating Israel would be held in the Russian capital this year.


"It's the main holiday being marked here and will include a concert, youth parties, celebrations in the open country in warm areas, and inside activities in other areas," he said.


He said that many were participating in the Independence Day celebrations. "If 100 years ago religion was what united the Jews, today the State of Israel is the common denominator, the attraction and the leitmotif."


A celebration was also expected in the Budapest, where some 100,000 Jews live. According to Vered Glickman, co-director of the Israeli Cultural Center in the Hungarian capital, "A marathon of films will be held in the center from 12 pm to 8 pm, including 'bourekas films' and beloved Hungarian-born Ephraim Kishon."


The city will also enjoy an exhibition of posters on the first years of the Jewish settlements, as well as an afternoon happening in the streets of the Jewish Quarter.


The event will include performances, Hora dancing, a singsong, a Krav Maga (close combat) stand, and an Israeli chef who'll prepare fried eggplant, Labaneh (yogurt cheese) and of course falafel and hummus.



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