'Nakba Day' demonstration (Archives)

Security forces on high alert ahead of 'Nakba Day'

Defense establishment reinforces troops deployment in Jerusalem, West Bank ahead of weekend preceding Palestinian day of mourning over Israel's inception

The Israel police held an official situation assessment Thursday ahead of 'Nakba Day' – the Palestinians' day of mourning over the inception of Israel, set for Sunday.


The police decided to declare a nationwide high alert and increase deployment, especially in Jerusalem and around Temple Mount, ahead of Friday's prayers.


Police intelligence suggests that the Palestinians intend on holding several prequel events on Friday and Saturday; and though the police believe chances of events escalating into riots are low, reinforced police and Border Guard forces will deploy in east Jerusalem, the Old City and Temple Mount plaza, to maintain order.


Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino also ordered a tactical command post to be set up near the Western Wall.


The IDF is also gearing for the possibility that Palestinian rallies and demonstrations might escalate into full-fledged violent riots, especially in the West Bank.


Security forces across the defense spectrum have been asked to exercise discretion when engaging with protesters, and have been ordered not to intervene in occurrences unless they absolutely must.


Security forces will be outfitted with crowd-control measures, but the use of live rounds has been restricted to extreme circumstances only.


The military is also gearing for the possibility of echoing events in Gaza, focusing mostly on the possibility that civilians will try to approach the security fence.


The security fence is a fully restricted military zone, in which any movement is construed as hostile. The coming weekend's volatile potential requires special deployment by the IDF, which would have to exercise caution in discerning civilians from militants.


The IDF aims to stop any such incidents without any civilian casualties.


Hanan Greenberg contributed to this report



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