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What's in a (monarch's) name?

Inspired by recent wedding, Israeli man asks state to change his name to those of 10 British royals

Though he wasn't among the 1,900 guests at Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William, one Israeli man was so moved by the historic event that he decided to change his name.


The man, a resident of central Israel, visited his city's Population and Immigration Authority and asked that his name be changed to those of no fewer than 10 monarchs whom he admires.


The names he requested be listed on his identification card are: Henry, William, Phillip, Charles, Frederick, Michael, Louis, George, Edward, and Robert.


The clerk who accepted the man's plea was somewhat skeptical, but said he would check if the request was legally plausible, according to the man's account.


A few days later he received a call saying the change was not possible, the explanation being that it would "mislead the public".


The clerk then proposed a compromise, asking the man to choose just three of the 10 names for his ID.


"Thousands of people change their names each year in Israel, some of them at the advice of a rabbi and others at the advice of psychics, in addition to those who want Hebrew names, but we've never seen such an odd request," the Population and Immigration Authority explained in a statement.


"We see many requests that derive from a desire to be special or unique, and only in extreme case in which we feel that the public will be offended do we veto the request."



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