Golan checkpoint
Photo: Muhammad Shinawi, Zoom Out Productions

Arab-Israelis hold 'Naksa Day' rally in Golan

Police prevented group of United Arab List Ta'al members from entering Druze village adjacent to Syrian border. Protestors en up demonstrating near checkpoint

Israel Police on Saturday prevented members of the United Arab List Ta'al party, including MK Talab El-Sana, to hold a march in a Druze village adjacent to the Syrian border.


The party members held a demonstration in the checkpoint where they were stopped to mark 'Naksa Day' – the 44th anniversary to the Six Day War which falls on Sunday.



Druze leaders met the Arab-Israeli activists in the road leading to Majdal Shams. The protestors waved Palestinian flags and chanted "Golan Heights are Arab" as well as slogans condemning the Israeli occupation.

Arabs protesting at the side of the road (Photo: Muhammad Shinawi)


MK El-Sana argued with one of the officers who stopped the protestors' bus. The officer was following IDF orders prohibiting rallies in the region until Monday.


"We want to send a message against the occupation. This is an important task and our message is legitimate and that is why I am asking that we be allowed to reach the Golan, because the people accompanying me are not criminals and we won't not hurt anyone," the MK told the officer.


El-Sana further claimed, "Many people are passing where we have been stopped and were not checked as they are Jewish." Police eventually allowed the protestors to hold a demonstration on the road, which ended after 30 minutes.


"We shall return to visit Majdal Shams," El-Sana said after the rally dispersed. "No police measure will prevent us from voicing our opinions and fighting against the occupation."


Palestinians across Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank are preparing to recreate the 'Nakba Day' events on Sunday.


The IDF has raised its alert level along Israel's borders. On Friday, the organizers of the Lebanese protest decided to cancel the march to the border, which will be replaced with rallies in Palestinian refugee camps.


Hassan Shaalan contributed to this report



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