Hadas Fogel – Three-month-old murdered by terrorists

Report: Scottish boycott leader defends Fogel killers

Itamar massacre revenge for killing of Palestinian children, Councilor Jim Bollan says

A Scottish councilor who has lead an anti-Israel boycott at the district of West Dunbartonshire defended the perpetrators of the Itamar massacre, saying the murderers were seeking to avenge the killing of Palestinian children, the Jewish Chronicle reported Friday.


Responding to an email for a Pro-Israel activist, Jim Bollan of the Scottish Socialist Party wrote that the killers aimed to avenge the death of "Palestinian children slaughtered by the IDF."



The two Palestinian killers entered the Fogel family home in the West Bank settlement of Itamar and murdered Uri and Ruth Fogel and three of their children, including an infant.


Bollan, who received an email informing him that one of the Fogel killers expressed no regret and said he would do it again, characterized the Fogel killing as a "terrible crime," but added the following:


"There will be many weeping Palestinian mothers and partners tonight with another unarmed 20 Palestinians brutally murdered by the IDF…Violence breeds violence. Have you any idea what may have motivated this man to commit this crime? Could it have been because he may have seen Palestinian children slaughtered by the IDF?"


Earlier, Bollan declared that Hamas terrorists are "freedom fighters" countering an "Illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel."


The Cif Watch blog, which posted the email correspondence, had this to say about Bollan's latest remarks:


"Chilling doesn’t begin to describe the hate which would allow someone to lack even the most elementary sense of remorse for murdering children while they sleep… Jim Bollan is truly the quintessential Israel hater – never able to summon genuine and unqualified moral outrage at the death of innocent Jewish civilians (even infants) without asserting a moral equivalence, and suggesting that there must be a good reason why such terrorists committed the horrific crimes they did."



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