Thomas Friedman - 'Simple solution'?
Netanyahu and Abbas - lemonade anyone?
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Friedman: Bring UN partition plan back

NYT columnist promotes UN resolution 181 from 1947, but updates borders used to 1967 lines

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman suggests that a UN request to recognize Palestine be abandoned, and instead promotes a reaffirmation and updating of resolution 181, which was introduced by the UN Security Council on November 29, 1947.


The resolution is better known as the UN partition plan, which separates historic Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state. It was ultimately rejected by the Arabs and so was never realized.



The editorial, published Sunday under the headline 'What to do with Lemons', opens with Friedman claiming that the US government is being forced to deal with "lemons" – the Israelis and the Palestinians. "But you know what they say to do with lemons? Make lemonade," he says.


He goes on to explain how exactly one can make lemonade: "It could be a simple new UN resolution: "This body reaffirms that the area of historic Palestine should be divided into two homes for two peoples — a Palestinian Arab state and a Jewish state.


"The dividing line should be based on the 1967 borders — with mutually agreed border adjustments and security arrangements for both sides. This body recognizes the Palestinian state as a member of the General Assembly and urges both sides to enter into negotiations to resolve all the other outstanding issues.'" It is all "very simple," according to Friedman.


He then goes on to explain that both sides will benefit from the decision: "Palestinians would gain recognition of statehood and UN membership, within provisional boundaries, with Israel and America voting in favor. And the Israelis would get formal UN recognition as a Jewish state — with the Palestinians and Arabs voting in favor."


And what's in it for the Americans? "The US, rather than being isolated in a corner with Israel, can get credit for restarting talks — without remaining stuck on the settlements issue," he writes.



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