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OECD: Israel 3rd in milk prices

Dairy products more expensive only in Norway and Japan, survey conducted by international organization shows

Israel is the third most expensive country in the world in the prices of dairy products, according to a comparative price survey conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which Israel was accepted into last year.


The survey reveals that the price level of a dairy products basket in Israel is 44% higher than the OECD average. Only two countries, Norway and Japan, are more expensive than Israel.


The dairy products basket in Israel is 100% more expensive compared to Eastern European countries, and 50% more expensive compared to Holland, Sweden and the United States. The prices of dairy products in Israel are 30% higher than in Switzerland.


Israel is expensive in meat products as well, ranking 15th in the world. A meat products basket is 17% more expensive in Israel compared to the OECD average and 55% more expensive compared to the US.


On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are cheaper in Israel: A fruit and vegetable basket costs 13% less in the Jewish state compared to the OECD average. In terms of overall food cost, Israel is ranked 12th in the world.


Israeli restaurants stand out in their high prices as well. Israel is the ninth most expensive country in restaurant prices. A meal in an Israeli restaurant is 30% more expensive than the OECD average and 60% more expensive than in the US.


Israel is also very expensive in the prices of private vehicles. In only two other countries, Denmark and Norway, private cars cost more than in Israel.


Israel ranks 17th in the cost of communication services. A communication package in Israel is 25% cheaper than in Spain and France.


The OECD figures reflect a comparative price survey conducted in 55 developed and semi-developed countries at the end of 2008 updated in late 2010.


The survey did not include third world countries in which the price level is traditionally low, so their inclusion would not have changed Israel's high ranking.



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