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'Public wanted to see Katsav convicted'

Former president's defense team appeals sexual harassment, indecent acts convictions; claims they must be overturned due to abuse of process by former AG Mazuz

Former President Moshe Katsav filed the second part of his appeal Sunday, before the Supreme Court.


While the first part of the appeal, filed last week, sought to overturn Katsav's rape conviction, this part sough to see the convictions of sexual harassment and indecent acts dismissed.



In the brief, the defense claimed the convictions should be overturned due to abuse of process by former Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, saying he mishandled the case by going back and fourth on the charges included in the indictment.


The defense once again claimed that the interviews given by Mazuz to the media prior to the indictment contributed to Katsav's "trial by media," and "had a detrimental effect on his rights."


Moreover, the defense claimed that Mazuz ordered the investigation against the former president "sans reasonable suspicion" and that he then attempted to justify his actions by leaking confidential information to the media, "thus contributing to his 'conviction' in the public's eye."


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The District Court erred in its ruling, by ignoring the fact that public opinion – which "convicted" Katsav – had a devastating effect on his chances for a fair trial, the defense continued.


"The court's error is the direct result of a wrongful and superficial analysis of the case, partially addressing evidence, selectively dealing with the arguments, and the misguided focus on the appellant's behavior," the appeal stated.


"The appellant's conviction in the court of public opinion resulted in the public's expectation for a similar result in the court of law. The district Court could not have remained indifferent to the hostile environment which clouded the trial, creating a pseudo-obligation by the court to appease the public at Katsav's expense.


"This is the real reason for this harsh conviction and subsequent ruling," it concluded.



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