Kashush's body
Protest in Hama (archives)
Photo: AFP

'Protest singer' slain for anti-Assad tune

brahim Kashush becomes new symbol after gruesome photos of body posted on Facebook

Ibrahim Kashush became the latest symbol of the ongoing Syrian uprising against President Bashar Assad after a simple act of protest cost him his life.


Kashush's only crime was to excite the crowds protesting on the streets of Hama with his singing, an act that prompted his brutal murder by security forces loyal to the government.



Equipped with a megaphone, Kashush started singing in front of hundreds of thousands of demonstrators during the mass protest last Friday, titled "be gone," in reference to the beleaguered Syrian president.


"Common, get lost, ya Bashar," Kashush chanted, "Take your brother Maher with you and take off!"


"Your legitimacy has vanished, Bashar the liar, you make a speech when liberty is already knocking at the door, yallah! Bashar, be gone," he sang, as the crowds cheered on.


Kashush, whose song became an instant hit and one of the main anthems of the protests, did not get to enjoy his legacy.


His friends reported that last Sunday Kashush disappeared shortly after leaving work. Two days later, his body was discovered with his throat slit. The gruesome images were published on YouTube, instantly turning him into a tragic hero.


According to al-Arabiya network, Kashush's friends accuse Syrian security forces of kidnapping and murdering him.


The group of friends vowed to continue their slain hero's path and established a Facebook group where they pledged to "sing for freedom in Syria's squares, even if the price is slaughter."



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