The Carmel fire
Photo: Israel Fire and Rescue Services

Public Security Ministry develops fire forecast system

Unique system to allow for real-time fire progression predictions according to geographical variables. Ministry looking into patenting technology

The Ministry of Public Security said Thursday that it has developed an advance system which can predict the progression of fires in real-time, according to their area's geographical variables.


According to Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, the system was developed following December's devastating Carmel fire.



Aharonovitch described the system as a "unique breakthrough," adding that it coincides with "the ministry's desire to prioritize the development of life-saving and disaster-prevention technologies."


The ministry said that the Fire Forecast System, or FFS, will be able to save lives and prevent extensive wildlife and property damage, adding that it includes features that would help authorities decides on necessary steps such as evacuating communities or closing off roads.

The Carmel fire (Photo: AFP) 


The new Fire Forecast System is said to be able to predict the progression of a blaze up to six hours in advance according to geographic and atmospheric conditions and allows firefighters and rescue teams on the ground to better plan their operations.


Some of the system's features include 3D progression simulations, as well as simulations pertaining to the fire's temperature and the height of the flames.


According to a ministry source, the system's development was "extremely cost-effective," amounting to just hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The system is said to be fully operational and the ministry intends to deploy it nationwide within the next few weeks.


The ministry is also now looking into patenting the unique system in favor of future exports.



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