Arresting men and women in Iran
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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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Morality police hit Tehran streets

(Video) Iran's special police unit commences annual campaign to uphold Islamic dress code in country, leading to arrests, fines for not wearing hijab headscarf, nail polish, sandals

VIDEO - Iran's morality police unit commenced its annual campaign last month to uphold the Islamic dress code and raise "moral security" in the streets of Tehran, leading to many arrests and fines.


Local media published pictures of police men and women belonging to the "chastity squads" who detained for questioning women who were not wearing their traditional hijab headscarf properly.



Some women were arrested and taken to police stations across the city until they could post bail. The authorities went as far as to fine some of the 'sinners' for their behavior.


Watch: Iran's morality unit hits the streets


Iranians are not always willing to obey cops


Iranian citizens, and especially Iranian women, are not always willing to obey police orders to "improve appearance," causing great conflicts between both sides.


Fine for wearing sandals and putting on nail polish


The morality police unit, consisting of some 70,000 officers, searches through major Iranian cities issuing warnings and reports to citizens.

No hijab? Go to jail


"The police will operate legally when it comes to public figures such as models," said the unit's chief.

Women are arrested until bailed out by family


Ever since Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came into power in 2005, police have intensified enforcement against men, women, clothing shops and barber shops which go against the regime's Islamic code.

Watch: Woman arrested in Tabriz for dressing inappropriately


Every year thousands of citizens, and especially woman and adolescents, are arrested during similar campaigns.



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