Knesset vote on Boycott Law
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Opposition vs. 'anti-democratic' laws

Three no-confidence motions filed against 'failing government' over recent bills, Boycott Law. Kadima MK chooses to focus on housing protest: Bibi wake up, Rothschild Boulevard may be your Tahrir Square

The Opposition on Monday proposed three no-confidence motions stemming from recent bills proposed and approved by the government, which the parties claim are anti-democratic.


The Kadima Party explained that its no-confidence motion is due to the government's being "without vision or path".



The Labor and Meretz parties explained that their motion was proposed due to the government's failure to "prevent legislature that harms the state's democratic character".


The Arab parties also filed a motion, claiming that the government is "a failing government that endangers democracy".


Despite the reasoning behind the hearing, MK Robert Tibayev (Kadima) kicked it off by announcing party support for protesters of the rising housing prices, who have been camping out in Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard.


"The public is suffering. It doesn't need these weird laws, it just needs apartments and the right to a dignified living," Tibayev said. "I want to tell Bibi, wake up. Rothschild Boulevard could be your government's Tahrir Square."


Earlier, Opposition chairwoman Tzipi Livni told Ynet that the government must be forced to intervene in the housing crisis, claiming it does not exist solely in Tel Aviv.


Livni detailed a plan in which the government would work to increase the number of apartments for rent while encouraging young couples to populate the Galilee and the Negev.


She called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to support public housing and limit taxation on home purchase. "Netanyahu must break free of budget ideology, which does not look out for the little people," she said.


Netanyahu vowed earlier that his government would solve the housing. "We can bring thousands of apartments to the market," he said. In addition, the prime minister sent out a memo saying the Kadima Party ignored the housing crisis while it ruled.



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