The protest encampment in Jerusalem
Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg

Housing crisis protesters march on Knesset

Jerusalem follows in Tel Aviv's footsteps as over 1,000 'affordable housing protest' activists take demonstration against housing prices to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence and then to Knesset; demand 'revolution'

Following the recent success of the Tel Aviv protests against housing prices, the "tent protest" has reached Jerusalem, as sources say a thousand people marched towards the Knesset Sunday, in protest of the housing prices in Israel.


The protestors, carrying signs with slogans that read: "Welfare State now" and "Bread and apartments are not luxuries," said they were planning to move the demonstration area to the Knesset.  



The activists were calling for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign and demand significant action be taken to reduce housing prices. "In 2011 we founded the tent state," declared Yotam who erected the first tent in Jerusalem.


"Our nation is hurting and it is coming out en masse to the streets. The government has failed big time. We, the people of the middle classes are on the verge of crossing to the poverty line this is a state of emergency. I call on you all to intensify this struggle and inundate the streets with tents. We want to live with dignity, that is all we ask," Yotam added.


The protestors, who caused major traffic disruptions in the capital, called out: "The police are with us, they don't have apartments", "Get off your balcony the country is angry" , "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enough, the price is too heavy," "The nation demands equality," "The answer to privatization – revolution" and "how will we live in the holy city?" The demonstrators said they were planning to spend the night in front of the Knesset.


They made a stop at the prime minister's house en route to the Knesset and called on neighborhood residents to join them.


One of the protestors attempted to enter the Knesset compound and was, police said, detained for questioning.


The protestors were joined by activists from the housing protest encampment which was erected last week in Jerusalem, activists from the left wing Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah group and representatives from the Black Panthers movement. The protestors sat at the King George Street, Egron Street intersection and blocked traffic.


Yair Fink, one of the organizers of Jerusalem's housing protest said: "Yesterday's demonstration proves that an entire generation is tired of seeing a disconnected government. Today we start our siege on the Knesset demanding a complete social revolution".



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